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Updated: May 19, 2020

What if we felt the lyrics in our heart and we just began to sing them out loud but to different beats. Then we hear our song with such lovely meaningful lyrics being sung by someone else and to a different beat. It’s the same lyrics but different beat, we begin to criticize the beats instead of the message in the lyrics. This beat is too harsh, this one too boring, this one too mellow. Everyone’s own beat made them happy though and want to continue to sing the song... the song praising this creation called life and praising the creator. The saying march to the beat of your own drum is especially important because as soon as you stop beating your drum to your own beat you face the risk that you stop marching and just become a spectator eventually forgetting or even hating the song lyrics. But if you just pay attention to your own beat and keep singing you will eventually march into a band whose beat matches yours and then you sing your song together praising this creation called life and the creator. You will sing together about being grateful for the fact that you get you are loved and being grateful for all the little things in life. You may play this song with your fellow marching band every Sunday in church, or sing this sing out loud when you are in deep awe of the possibilities science has created, or even fast all together during Ramadan so you can sing your song louder and for longer. I think I have my own beat and I’m marching to it until I find my band. I know we’ve all heard the lyrics and I know for a fact that many people have felt the beat I feel. It’s probably been described through out history in many different ways. In 1863 Bahá'u'lláh said the “religion of god is for love and untity. Ram dass said we are all just walking each other home and A lot of us know that Jesus describes it as love thy neighbor.”As a millennial I have my own way of describing the beat for the time that I’m in. How many of you have ever raved? I went to Edc for the first time this year and the vibration there is the beat I believe in. There is no hate only PLUR, everyone is dancing to the beat of their own drum, there are different stages with different sounds and vibes, you go with your friend to this stage because they like trance, even though you prefer house somehow you are dancing to Trance and if you are like me, and I’m hoping everyone there was like me otherwise I was high and don’t know shit about edm, but anyways;if you are like me you just hear all these different beats, and the few words you hear make you happy. The song lyrics are in your heart and if you move from stage to stage, hear beat after beat, the lyrics are still there and there is no hatred,only love. Also if you know what it feels like to be fully submerged at a rave, time does not matter and you express yourself with the first words that come to mind. So it doesn’t matter when or how it was said. You can choose to like lyrics with the first beat man ever created, you can chose to march and sing with the band that plays the beat your whole family has known. You can like the lyrics with the beat of walking each other home and loving thy neighbor, these are the beats I choose to march to. Mine sounds a little different, yes,I haven’t loved a neighbor since I was 8 and had a huge crush on a neighbor and I guess I’m pretty privileged because I’ve never had to walk home and if somebody else walked home, I never walked with them, just gave them a ride. The way I describe the beat is different from people of the 1800s and 1970s. The way I describe the beat is based on my experience and the vibrations around me. My first time at EDC I felt the positive vibes and all the peace love untity and respect people had for those who were “different” from them and I know it sounds corny but I truly experienced the saying “God is a DJ and life is a dance floor” (cue pink song) God/ Allah/ the creator/ the universe( whatever his stage name is) is such a great DJ he makes everyone just want to praise hallelujah in their own way. You take your body and all that he has given to you, you feel the song in your heart and you just keep dancing,moving, jumping like you are insane no matter what song comes next until you get too tired to dance anymore. If you somehow understand my crazy metaphor or if you just believe that God just wants us to love ourselves, others, the creator and ALL that God created then please come join me next time!

#edc #plur #onelove #afterravethoughts

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